The key to happiness

If you are searching far and wide for the key to happiness, perhaps, it's time for a different approach.  Instead of chasing happiness, start from where you are right now to manufacture your own happiness from within.  Drop whatever you are doing and concentrate your full attention and focus immediately, choose to be happy this very second. The key to happiness lies within you intrinsically.  Awaken to a new level of awareness where you fully understand that you are the master of your own domain when it comes to life's happiness.  You have the full power to choose to be happy at this very moment.  As soon as you've mastered happiness in this moment, you can now begin to project it to all the important areas of your life like your family, friends, employment and self-growth.

Part of happiness is realizing that you were born with everything you ever needed to be happy and content in this world.  Unfortunately, the way society works, often self-fulfillment and happiness takes a back seat to numerous inconsequential things that don't really matter at the end of the day.  So many people around the globe go through their mundane lives completely unhappy and unsatisfied, yet fail to take action to do anything about it.  Pat yourself on the back that you are at least making a worthy effort to seek happiness in your life.  Just seeking happiness is half the battle won already.  As we alluded to earlier, most people end up unhappy because they don't really get centered within themselves to even begin to seek it in the first place.

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Define what happiness means to you.  Seek to find your own definition of happiness, not what your parents. teachers, mentors or other influential folks dictated to you.  Since happiness appears elusive for both very educated and rich people, it's not just about having wealth, power and connections, self-reflection and deeper meaning is needed.  Therefore, it behooves you to dig deep within yourself to discover your own true meaning of happiness.  Articulate what happiness means to you in terms that you can understand so you can begin to understand the roots.  Turn back the clock to when you were a teenager.  What things did you used to do that made you happy?  Has your definition of happiness changed over the years as you've matured into adulthood and responsibility of family or career. You will find the process of seeking happiness is actually an evolving journey of self-growth.

The process of seeking happiness in life doesn't need to be an overnight thing.  You can choose to be happy in the present, however, you need awareness to negotiate factors beyond your control.  Tragedy or emergency situations could strike at a moment's notice, that can obviously impact your ability to be happy at that moment, however, it's important to control the things that you can.  Make a plan to do your best in every situation to learn and improve for the next circumstance.  When you frame a healthy and positive mindset for happiness, it gives you the maturity and experience to handle even the toughest scenarios that life throws your way.

Become fully aware and conscious in this amazing universe to seek your own happiness in life so you can help others achieve the same.  Define what happiness means to you, make a plan as to how you can achieve it and take action immediately, choose to be happy then act now.



Jeff Li

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