3 Clarities I got from Sir Richard Branson

Dear Friends,
I am so excited today as I finally got a chance to meet and greet Sir Richard Branson in person, in Singapore. Sir Richard Branson is one of the top entrepreneurs in the world and I love his fun approach to people and situations.

Here's are the 3 Clarities I got from Sir Richard Branson:
1) Dream is good (watch the first video).
2) Find opportunities out of frustration
(watch the 2nd video).
3) Treat people well, as if everybody is your family member.

His words contain so much wisdom and I would like to share with you 2 videos, I took at the Global Disruptors Conference today. You might notice the camera is kinda shaky, that's because I was stretching my arms to get a good view for you.

“We're dreaming, not all these dreams are going to come true. If you dream, you can have a chance to make the impossible, possible. If you don't dream obviously nothing is going to happen. Dream is good”

I hope you find this inspiring and useful.
Comment below to let me know what do you think. =)



Jeff Li

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